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You'll get immediate access to the entire RAPID Hiring Method course, including:
  • 60 minutes of high-definition training videos walking you step-by-step through the RAPID Hiring Method
  • Course worksheets and checklists to use for each and every hire... for every position!
  • Results module, where you’ll learn the essential and transformational first step you must put in place at the start of every hire
  • Abilities module, where you’ll learn the powerful secret of this step: how to identify the natural abilities we’re born with…the ones that help predict future performance in any job
  • Performance Profiles module, where you'll learn how Performance Profiles will radically and rapidly change the way you manage every hiring process
  • Interviews module, where you'll become a master interviewer capable of accurately predicting candidates' future job performance
  • Deliver module, where you'll learn the three simple steps to creating an effective onboarding plan for each new hire
  • PLUS the Master List of Business Skills to clarify the skills needed to deliver the 5 results
  • AND the Master List of Tasks and Responsibilities to identify the things that matter most in any job
  • AND the RAPID Hiring Scorecard that you can use in every interview
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